Svetlana Winward School Teacher 6

What Makes Svetlana Winward An Everyday Hero?

By Nolan Hawk / July 13, 2022 /

Dedicated teachers are some of the world’s greatest heroes. We have the utmost respect for those who devote their lives to leading future generations in a positive direction. And Svetlana Winward is one teacher whose story tugged at our hearts. We knew that we needed to put a spotlight on the incredible work she does.

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Behind the scenes 12

Why Behind The Scenes Filmmakers Are Everyday Heroes

By Nolan Hawk / June 23, 2022 /

ositivity into anyone’s life, that will mean that I am successful in achieving my goal.” Through his previous work with Your Everyday Heroes, he has managed to accomplish just that. For example, he shot and directed the inspiring YEDH documentary on Umar Mughal, a graphic designer living with osteogenesis imperfecta. 

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Introducing Your Everyday Entertainment

By Nolan Hawk / May 4, 2022 /

Your Everyday Heroes scours the world for underrecognized individuals with extraordinary stories, and our sister site, Your Everyday Entertainment, takes the same initiative to uncover mind boggling mysteries, answer burning behind-the-scenes questions, and unearth undiscovered destinations.   

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Which Members of the Hogan’s Heroes Cast Are Still Alive?

By Nolan Hawk / March 20, 2022 /

His killer was never identified, but the list of suspects ranges from spurned lovers and jealous boyfriends, to a kinky friend, and even a fellow Hogan’s Heroes’ castmate.

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Bob Crane

Did A Member Of The Hogan’s Heroes Cast Commit Bob Crane’s Murder?

By Nolan Hawk / September 30, 2021 /

Did A Member Of The Hogan’s Heroes Cast Commit Bob Crane’s Murder? The grisly murder of Bob Crane remains one of the most mysterious unsolved celebrity murders of all time. The charming, all-American lead of the 1960s TV sitcom Hogan’s Heroes was found brutally slayed in his apartment 42 years ago, and despite multiple investigations,…

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