Spotlighting: Laurynas Buzinskas | Chicago Graffiti Writer | Mural Artist

By jfacadmin / May 11, 2022 /

It is not enough to merely have a dream. One must put in the effort to accomplish it. Everyone’s a dreamer to some extent. But Laurynas is a doer. Even while working dead-end jobs, he found time to do what he loves. There were days when his endeavors felt hopeless. But with such a burning passion for art, how could he possibly give it up? And as it usually does, his hard work paid off.

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Damon Lamar Reed

What Makes Damon Lamar Reed An Everyday Hero?

By jfacadmin / April 20, 2022 /

Your Everyday Heroes has been fortunate to work with Damon Lamar Reed. We were initially drawn to his story because (1) he is simply a talented mural artist, and (2) his work serves a purpose higher than himself, something we’ll touch on in a bit. While we by no means consider self-serving art “bad,” we…

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Umars Showcase

What Makes Umar Mughal an Everyday Hero?

By jfacadmin / March 15, 2022 /

Umar Mughal has managed to become mostly self-dependent, as a man born with a disability, he needed to be given a lot of help along the way. He is never hesitant to cite his mother as his life’s guiding force.

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