Blind Mechanic

Inspirational Story | Blind Mechanic | Bart’s Automotive and Towing

March 2, 2020

Watch Bart’s Automotive and Towing inspirational story. This Inspirational story is about an entrepreneur and a blind mechanic. This everyday hero built his business from nothing. Inspiring us all.

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Brett Eastburn

Brett Eastburn Comedian | Inspirational Comedian | Overcoming Obstacles

February 29, 2020

Watch everyday hero Brett Eastburn, an inspirational comedian proves that overcoming obstacles can make a positive difference in life. Just put your mind in the right place.

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New Music - A Meaningful Message

New Music – A Meaningful Message

March 7, 2020

Watch Carey Ott, a complex musician, create new music with a powerful message. This everyday hero uses story-telling to relay his story through music.

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Inspirational Story about Beat Depression – Just Walk Away

March 8, 2020

Watch Inspirational Story about Depression – How our everyday hero Amanda McCarthy adds a long walk or hike into her daily routine to help beat depression and feel better.

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December 13, 2021

Meet Umar, a twenty-eight year old graphic designer living in Lahore, Pakistan, who doesn’t let his disability dictate his life. Ever since birth, Umar has suffered from a disease known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which is a genetic bone disorder resulting in soft bones that break easily and do not form normally. Osteogenesis imperfecta affects roughly…

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Vick Lee - Inspirational Chicago Filmmaker

Vick Lee | Inspirational Chicago Filmmaker

March 29, 2022

Your Everyday Heroes is proud to feature one of today’s many esteemed Black female film directors Vick Lee. From an early age, Lee immersed herself in movies and TV, eventually studying film at Columbia College Chicago. Whether telling stories of love or conflict, Lee’s body of work always maintains a socially conscious bend.  In November…

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Damon Feature

(Full) Damon Reed | Inspirational Mural Artist

April 19, 2022

A graduate of Chicago’s prestigious School of the Art Institute, Damon Lamar Reed is a portrait and inspirational mural artist whose pieces can be spotted throughout the Chicagoland area. His work – centered specifically around the theme of communal upliftment – portrays the Black experience in the United States. His murals, “We Carry the Light”…

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Be Inspired by Laurynas Buzinskas | Mural Artist | Graffiti Writer

May 10, 2022

Meet Laurynas Buzinskas, a graphic designer, illustrator, street artist, and muralist. Hailing from Vilnius, Lithuania, from a young age he was fascinated by American hip hop culture. He also had quite the penchant for drawing. These two interests were what initially led him into the world of graffiti.

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Yecson Preciado Thumbnail

(Full) Yecson Preciado | Boxing Instructor

May 31, 2022

Life has never been easy for Yecson Preciado. Hailing from Santiago de Guayaquil, Ecuador, he grew up in a drug-fueled, murderous environment. Suffering abuse at the hands of his father, he left home at 10, spending two months on the streets. In spite of these traumatic circumstances, he persisted, driven only by his dream of…

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Behind the scenes Ali thumbnail 2

(Full) Behind The Scenes | Detailed Look At Behind the Camera | Filmmakers

June 21, 2022

Your Everyday Heroes ideology;
That even everyday people have the ability to be heroic. If you’ve been following this season of YEDH, you’ll already have seen some of Ch’s work. He and his film crew did an excellent job of directing Umar Mughal’s inspiring episode. 

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