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Lou Shields

Lou Shields | Creative Artist | A Rambler and a Rocker

February 2, 2020

About Lou Shields the creative artist Being a creative artist, not only does Lou Shields continue the tradition of American music with his solo performances of music styles from days-gone-by, such as Old Time Blues, Folk, and American but he is an artist and Professor of Art at a college in the Chicago area.  Lou…

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Music Inspiration – Educating Through Music

February 13, 2020

Music and dance are in his blood Kahil El’ Zabar, creating music inspiration, says music is a spiritual experience. He compared it to eating a great flavor-infused meal. Kahil gets excited with all combinations of sound and art. It transforms him into his next musical growth. His performances are filled with fascinating sounds and dance. Inspired…

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New Music - A Meaningful Message

New Music – A Meaningful Message

March 7, 2020

Watch Carey Ott, a complex musician, create new music with a powerful message. This everyday hero uses story-telling to relay his story through music.

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Banjo Americana

Feel Good Story – Banjo Americana

March 26, 2020

A feel good story about Meredith Judd Our feel good story. A look back at a life that gave so much happiness to all that were lucky enough to meet him. At 98 years, Meredith Judd passed away while living with his daughter Judy Bradford in South Carolina.”. We lost a piece of Americana… after…

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Child Musicians | Tomorrow’s Music Heroes | Amazing Child Musicians

April 7, 2020

The Bolts Child musicians It isn’t unusual that on a Friday and Saturday night in many neighborhoods that you can hear music seeping through garage doors – Child musicians playing as garage bands as they are called. Certainly, it is no different for this group named “The Bolts”. You may see interested children peeping through…

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Change is Good – Create Your Own Path

May 27, 2020

Mike Owens creates music and his own path proving change is good. His story about entertaining on the road and traveling wherever the road leads him.

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