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Junkyard preacher

God’s Word – Junkyard Preacher

March 23, 2020

Reverend Barclay the Junkyard Preacher In 1944 when Reverend Elsworth Barclay came to America from Jamaica looking to spread God’s word. Certainly, no one could have guessed how he would change the Star Auto Junkyard forever. The story of this everyday hero is unbelievable…the greatest story NEVER told. The “Rev” was a minister who lived…

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Banjo Americana

Feel Good Story – Banjo Americana

March 26, 2020

A feel good story about Meredith Judd Our feel good story. A look back at a life that gave so much happiness to all that were lucky enough to meet him. At 98 years, Meredith Judd passed away while living with his daughter Judy Bradford in South Carolina.”. We lost a piece of Americana… after…

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Lou Shields

Lou Shields | Creative Artist | A Rambler and a Rocker

February 2, 2020

About Lou Shields the creative artist Being a creative artist, not only does Lou Shields continue the tradition of American music with his solo performances of music styles from days-gone-by, such as Old Time Blues, Folk, and American but he is an artist and Professor of Art at a college in the Chicago area.  Lou…

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street mural art

Street Murals Art | The Walls Speak of Hope

April 3, 2020

Someone Said, “Listen to the voices within yourself” In Hyde Park in Chicago there are street murals and art wall under the train track. The person in this video said, “It just drew him in and wouldn’t let go like it was talking…so he started to listen.” You can hear it too if you walk…

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Blind Mechanic

Inspirational Story | Blind Mechanic | Bart’s Automotive and Towing

March 2, 2020

Watch Bart’s Automotive and Towing inspirational story. This Inspirational story is about an entrepreneur and a blind mechanic. This everyday hero built his business from nothing. Inspiring us all.

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Good Vibe – Aaron Dodd Tube Player – Spreading Tuba Inspiration

April 3, 2020

Aaron Dodd tuba player… Aaron Dodd tuba player (1948-2010) was incredible with a good vibe. It has been said that there were two tubists at Chicago’s Symphony Center: The one who played inside Orchestra Hall and the one who played outside Orchestra Hall. I learned that for nearly three decades, Aaron Dodd Tuba Player played…

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Loss of a Child – A Tribute as Art

February 2, 2020

How does one honor the loss of a child? When the unexpected child loss of Jeff Abbey Maldonado Jr. occurred the disbelief was paramount. As a result, there was a huge void in Jeff’s life that didn’t seem like it could be filled. His son was the focal point of his life. Jeff, a 19-year-old…

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Flying Circus

Flying Circus – Motivated Artists

April 6, 2020

The video above was made for a 72 hour International Film Festival. This circus story goes behind the scenes with the artists of a flying circus (a flying exhibition team) to ask famous circus performers what their biggest fears are. There are several different types of flying circuses emphasizing different aspects of the art. There…

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Bart Hickey Blind Mechanic

Bart Hickey | Blind Mechanic | Inspired by the Intimidator

February 9, 2020
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Child Musicians | Tomorrow’s Music Heroes | Amazing Child Musicians

April 7, 2020

The Bolts Child musicians It isn’t unusual that on a Friday and Saturday night in many neighborhoods that you can hear music seeping through garage doors – Child musicians playing as garage bands as they are called. Certainly, it is no different for this group named “The Bolts”. You may see interested children peeping through…

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