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Meredith Judd
M. Cardinal
Release Date:
February 18, 2022

Feel Good Story – Banjo Americana

A feel good story about Meredith Judd

Our feel good story. A look back at a life that gave so much happiness to all that were lucky enough to meet him. At 98 years, Meredith Judd passed away while living with his daughter Judy Bradford in South Carolina.”. We lost a piece of Americana… after all he got his first banjo from Al Capone. Thank you, Lou Shields, for the introduction and Paul Henry’s Gallery for the venue.” A true banjo music inspiration.

Our everyday hero Meredith, playing banjo music to create a feel good story.
Meredith playing banjo with his big smile

The joy of his banjo inspiration, playing at Paul Henry’s Art Gallery still rings in many ears.

For Example, one song has a lasting memory.

As “Judd” would sing and strum on that Ludwig Banjo “Glad to be here…I’m Glad to be any Damn Place…” to a roaring audience at Paul Henry’s Art Gallery. Subsequently, your everyday hero Judd would be considered one of those bigger than life guys by many. He was a true everyday hero.

In addition, another song he would always recite went something like this: “I’m riding down the road …with a big load…etc.” He remarked that the words to it would drive him crazy because he couldn’t always remember them. But, the music from his finger to the banjo never failed him.

Meredith doing his favorite thing with his banjo music and a cigar.
Meredith doing his favorite thing with his banjo and a cigar.

The sound of his Ludwig banjo is a feel good story

Judd while laughing would say he played in ladies of the night places and any other place where he would be asked. No doubt, His love of entertaining the crowds with his banjo talent was his life. As the producer of the video relays, “Meredith was a good ole sole that probably enjoyed life more than we could ever hope for ourselves. Anyway, after talking to him that is how his life looked to me.”

Meredith jammin' on his banjo. His legacy is a feel good story.

Therefore, this “Toe Tapping” Ludwig Banjo playing Meredith Judd will be sorely missed. But, his banjo music inspiration will stay with us all.

Final word, rest in Peace Dear Judd!

Paul Henry’s gallery loves banjo music inspiration

About Paul Henry’s Gallery.

This gallery exists for the artists to present their work to the public.  The gallery gives the environment for the public to enjoy and connect with the artist, and for the public to purchase some of the artist’s work.  In addition, feel free to browse the artwork, ask about any of the art, or about the artists, etc. Some may be enjoying the Americana music as well.

Video Production: Rocko Productions
Review Written By: M. Cardinal
Date Written: Mar 24th, 2020

Feel Good Story FAQs

Do feel good stories really make us feel better?

With the increased tensions in the world today, it’s almost impossible to ignore the negative news circulating in the media. To counteract it, there has been a clear rise in feel good stories; news solely designed to increase happiness levels.

What makes a good feel good story?

Whatever topic you choose to base your story on, make sure the emotions are based on life experiences most people can relate to. Events that mark significant life experiences like positive people, a graduation, a wedding, first loves, or holidays.

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