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Laurynas Buzinskas
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Release Date:
May 13, 2022

Laurynas Buzinskas | I Think I Like It | Music Video

Laurynas Buzinskas has loved graffiti since his he was a child living in Lithuania. When he was in school, Laurynas began sneaking out of his house at night with older teenage boys to spray paint in his city. He would go out all night and sneak into his house in the early morning before school.

Unfortunately, he was caught by both his father, and the police. Before he even finished high school, Laurynas was facing down a two-year jail sentence. He buckled down and graduated, then took his talent to art school. After honing his craft, he immigrated to the birth place of graffiti, the United States.

After years of toiling away at odd jobs, he opened a graphic design business that specializes in spray painting expansive murals for corporate clients. Laurynas calls his love for the craft an obsession, and doesn’t know what he would do if he wasn’t creating art for a living.