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Laurynas Buzinskas
Laurynas Buzinskas
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Release Date:
May 13, 2022

Laurynas Buzinskas | Mural Artist | Teaser Trailer

Lithuanian born graffiti artist Laurynas Buzinskas fell in love with tagging early in life, but nobody in his life, including is parents, friends, and teachers, believed that he could turn his less-than-legal passion into anything but a jail sentence.

Laurynas started a new life in the United States, which he chose because it is the birthplace of graffiti writing, and struggled to survive in his new home by working odd jobs. After years of toiling away, he met his now wife, who he credits for giving him the confidence to launch his mural art business.

Now he gets paid to spray paint sprawling murals for corporate clients all over Chicagoland.