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Yecson Preciado
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Release Date:
June 2, 2022

Your Everyday Heroes: Yecson Preciado “Do You Believe In Destiny?”

Yescon Preciado used to tell his father that he dreamed of being a boxer, and he believes that it was by the will of God that he achieved his goal. Now he uses his gift to help enrich the lives of Ecuador’s impoverished children.


Yescon does not charge his students for training at Trinibox. He funds the gym by working 12-hour overnight shifts at the dangerous Guayaquil docks six days a week. He has no mode of transportation, and often goes without eating to keep his family fed and underprivileged students boxing. 

In a country where those in poverty live on less than $5.50 a day, a small donation to Trinibox can make a life changing difference towards the futures of vulnerable child athletes and the man who has dedicated his life to teaching them.

Please donate to: