Svetlana Winward | Stranded Mother | Recap

Svetlana Winward School Teacher 1

Svetlana Winward is a Russian-born teacher currently located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Teaching at a Title I school, Winward educates children from low-income families. Svetlana has first-hand knowledge of the hardships her students endure. In fact, her life’s journey up to this point is one filled with tribulations. However, she uses these experiences as motivation to help others.

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(RECAP) Behind The Scenes | Film Makers

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Your Everyday Heroes spotlights the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. In doing so, we wish to break down the belief that the word “hero” is reserved only for fictional characters or the rich and famous. Because when we attach heroism to standards that are unattainable for most people, we are dismissing our own potential to be heroes. 

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